The Harbour Arts Centre (HAC), situated on the picturesque Irvine Harbourside in North Ayrshire, was re-opened in 2006 following major refurbishment funded by the National Lottery and North Ayrshire Council. The HAC is the cultural hub of North Ayrshire providing quality exhibitions, art & drama classes, theatre, comedy, live music, special events and much more.

Their dedicated Arts Team, comprising of Arts specialists and administration and support staff, strive to provide something for everyone at this state of the art venue. Pop in for a meal or a drink at the hacbar, serving great food in a modern, friendly setting.

The Harbour Arts Centre – Getting artistic and decorating with wallpapers

These days it’s pretty easy to introduce a little art into your home with places like Ikea and other stores stocking ready made mass art. There is a growing trend however of people introducing art into their homes by using thing like cheap wallpaper which they then either paint a customer design on or have one printed on. There are a number of online stores where you’re able to use your art skills and upload a design directly onto the wallpaper that you desire.

Why cheap wallpaper can introduce culture into your home

The reason that places like the Harbour Arts center advocate using cheap wallpaper is simply because if you’re doing your own printing and designing then your wallpapers really don’t need to be expensive. Discount wallpaper is pretty much everywhere too, so you aren’t going to have to search far and wide in order to find it. Wall decorations can really add a touch of class to your home too, the textures that they introduce really can be unique to your individual decorating style.

The Harbour Arts Centre – Getting rid of your art waste with skip hire stoke on trent

Now I’ve lived in Stoke on Trent for my entire life and my arty hobbies have really caused me to build up a massive collection of rubbish in my attic. Recently though, I realised it was time to get rid of some of this junk so I decided that I needed a company that offered reliable skip hire stoke on trent that would turn up quickly. Now there’s no shortage of skip hire companies out there, particularly in Stoke, so I was a little spoiled for choice.

Choosing the right skip hire company to get rid of your old art waste

I had atlease two skip loads that I needed to get rid of. I didn’t want to have to hire two separate skips because I simply didn’t have the room for them on my driveway, so I needed a skip hire company that had a quick turn around in terms of picking it up and delivering empty skips again. My advice if you find yourself in this situation is to read online reviews, they can give you a really good impression of a company especially if the manager has taken the time to respond to people to thank them for their input.

I would also advise you to read up about skip hire stoke on trent permits, because different councils have their own policies on the types of skip hiring permits that you need to buy during the time of skip rental.