Careers with Audi Finance

As a young man looking for a career in the finance industry I was naturally drawn to Audi Finance as the status of working for Audi as an apprentice was really attractive. I found that there were apprenticeships available with the company within the finance section. The apprenticeship was offered over 2 years and it covered a variety of areas from financial purchase plans to insurance services. Hence it would enable me to cross over into other areas of financial services in future.

The apprenticeship offered two levels of qualification in the form of NVQs the level 2 qualification would be completed in year 1 and the Level 3 in year 2. However there was also a diploma level available at level 4 which would mean a further year of study for qualification but entry onto this level was subject to having achieved good grades at level 3.

Audi Finance Apprenticeship specifications

The Audi Finance apprenticeship gave participants a thorough insight into most financial services and enabled me to learn in theory and put the theory into practice within a real life environment. It also gave me thee benefit of working with experience staff who were able to help me along and give me practical advice.

I found that taking the apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to practice those essential skills and soft skills which are needed to work in the finance industry. Moreover it helped me develop my customer service skills and gave me the ability to form relationships with clients.

The apprenticeship included one day a week attendance at a local Further education College to cover the necessary theory work to achieve the qualification. I was then assessed by a workplace assessor every few weeks to ensure that I was meeting the course criteria and outcomes. At the start I found this assessing a bit scary however as I got to know my assessor well I was able to glean information from them and hence was able to meet the aims and objectives of each activity. If anyone is thinking of getting into this industry I would definitely recommend going through the Audi apprenticeship scheme.