How I landed my dream job with Tesla Finance

I was in my final year at University in the North of England studying an engineering Bachelor of Science Degree course. Much of my work had involved electrical engineering with an emphasis on the motor industry and electric and hybrid vehicles. In my last term at University whilst completing my dissertation looking into vehicle configuration and what would give optimum performance reviewing the battery in comparison with driving style and even climate. At this time I realised that I wanted to work within the Industry and so looked into the different companies that produced electric or hybrid vehicles. I was really impressed with Tesla Finance as the offered internships for post graduates so I set about doing all my research into the company.

When I had collated all my information on the company I then set about updating my cv and practicing for interviews with technical questions and of course reading lots of interview technique books.

Tesla Finance at the NEC Motorshow

I then visited the NEC Motorshow and the Tesla Finance stall. I chatted with the representatives on the stall and found out lots more about getting an internship with Tesla. It was almost like and informal introduction of myself to the company. I left my cv with the representative asking if he would pass it on to the HR department. Within six weeks I was contacted by the HR department and asked to attend an internship interview apparently the representative had been impressed with my technical knowledge and had passed this on to the HR department along with my CV. I was invited for interview that very week

The interview was very rigorous and the questions were very technical so I was glad that I had prepared myself well. I was asked what I majored in at Uni and there were lots of questions relating to my dissertation. I was then given some technical tasks to complete which involved some coding and function tasks. I felt the interview went well and within a few days I had a phone call and underwent a telephone interview which was much more informal. At the end of that week I received an email stating I had been accepted onto the Internship programme. It was a dream come true.